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Cool Breeze 2011

posted Mar 28, 2011, 10:40 AM by Kory Gray
Below is the race update by Coach Capets from the Cool Breeze race.  The only thing he left out is he (Coach Capets) had the third fastest overall time Sunday and he placed 2nd in the Open Mens category.  Congrats to everyone that raced


This past weekend was incredibly successful. Everyone that started the race finished it, and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. According to the National Weather Service wind chill tables, 40 degree ambient temperature + 20mph (apparent) wind (on the bike)= sub-freezing conditions. This was a huge test of not only physical but mental strength, and NC State tri took it in stride. 

NC State Tri took home 4 "victory sweatshirts," I believe, and there were noteworthy accomplishments by every club member. We also showed Navy that we are a force to be reckoned with. I'm extremely proud of all who raced.

--No Goggles won the 16-19 male AG. He also beat me by 10 seconds in T1, a huge margin considering the transition is ideally 30-40 seconds. 
--Greyson beat me by 3 seconds in T2, tying for the 5th fastest T2 of the day. Oh yeah, it was also his first triathlon. Competing with the best in his first race? I think so...
--Kory out-ran me by 18 seconds, on his way to the 9th fastest run of the day, and within 1 second of his time at the balmy Azalea Triathlon 2 weekends ago where conditions were SO much nicer. It is quite a feat to run this well with frozen legs. 
--No Brakes ran a 20:01 5k, 4th fastest among club members, and 26 seconds faster than his time at Azalea. Arguably the most impressive run of the day. He also got to use a bike that was made during the current millennium, and he enjoyed it. 
--Bryan Deitz ran within 15 seconds of his 5k at Azalea, again, extremely impressive considering the conditions.

-Jen Omlor had the 4th fastest swim of the day among the girls, and swam second-fastest of all NCSU tri club members at Cool Breeze.
-Hanna Halteman (our newest club member) finished her first triathlon, and had one of the fastest T2 times of all NCSU tri club members (13th fastest among women). She also gets the record for shortest time between club sign-up and race day. 
-Brooke PR'd her 5k off the bike by more than 2 minutes, running what I believe is her fastest 5k ever in a time of 25:40.

We also (re)discovered Kory/Bryan's redneck sides. Great job errbody at that tharr try ath a long.

I think my coach got pictures of a few of you so I'll send those out as soon as I get them.

Also, stay tuned for more quick brick activities over on Miller Field or perhaps even out on the roads if this weather will cooperate.

Congrats again,
-Coach Zack