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Belews Lake Sprint and Richmond Rox Race Report

posted Sep 21, 2014, 8:52 PM by
Belew's Day

17 of NC State's most valiant athletes headed just down the road to compete in the Belews Lake Sprint near Greensboro NC September 12/13. After a brief caravan down I-40, we arrived at the Lambrecht household where we were met with frisbee, corn hole, snacks, and lacrosse games. We loaded up on pasta and called it an early night claiming all of the beds, couches, sleeping bags, and whatever other soft objects we could find. Before the sun came up we were walking out the door to show MACTC who runs North Carolina. Conditions were a bit chilly and intermittent drizzling couldn't dampen our spirits. What kind of race would it be without a little input from Mother Nature? In the time trial start system the collegiate athletes started over the course of about 20 minutes. All of those swimming junkies would get a head start and clear water. Two by two they went with the Field and Lambrecht family spectating the Belew's Lake action.

Taylor and Margaret led the team out of the lake and onto the bike course. We fought the wind and rain battling it out with local schools like App State, Duke, and UNC Chapel Hill along with some northern teams such as Liberty, Maryland, and The Naval Academy. Lindler headed NC State starting onto the run course hoping to hold off a few of the Navy folk. As the team came tearing through T2 and onto the run course, the weather let up some and the music lightened the day.

Everybody finished strong through pain, dehydration, or that feeling when you remember that your hungover friends won't be awake for like two more hours. Our man Scott not only survived an epic bike crash near the finish, but he went on to have a decent bike split and awesome run time with blood oozing from elbow and knee. Congratulations to Danielle and Margaret who completed their first triathlon and finished without missing a step. Also Daniel took on the bike course on an 80's era Finnish road bike with a grin on his face the whole time.

Rockin the Rox

The State crew peeled out the health center parking lot on a leisurely mid morning schedule Saturday. After dealing with a few mix ups we were on our way to Richmond for an Olympic throwdown. The team was a bit unsure what to expect and somewhat worn from racing the previous weekend, but on arriving at the packet pick up we realized that Virginia has a unique way of running triathlon. We got all kinds of freebies and food with our packets, the Virginians were quite cordial (even though parking sucks). After meeting the crew we checked out the bike course and took a brief tour of downtown Richmond which in no way could have possibly resulted in us getting lost and making U-turns on one way roads.... Several Volunteers associated with the race were generous enough to allow us to spend the night in their homes cutting down on hotel costs. Thank you Richmond Multisport Volunteers! We awoke in our respective households and walked out the door with bagel in hand to meet up at the race site. The transition area over looked the James River and was situated on a cobblestone walkway with a disused railroad bed on the opposite side. We watched the half distance athletes begin and we anxiously awaited our turn to take on the James. All collegiate athletes began together; all 100 of us, it was time to turn it on.

Zack and Taylor immediately tore away from the main pack with some of the fastest swim times of the whole day. The rest of the wolfpack followed shortly behind. At the point where we cut across there river all Olympic distance athletes were met with a little surprise. ROX. Like a giant sunken pirate ship six inches below the surface of the water. There's nothing like a surprise bouldering section in the middle of a swim race. I thought it was awesome throwing in a twist or two always keeps me on my toes. After the quick adrenaline burst it was time to head back to the boat ramp. There was a long (~100m) run from the swim finish to the transition area where those of us not fortunate enough to be born with gills could try to make up some ground. The bike course was a beautiful sample of the Richmond landscape with some downtown at the beginning with countryside and residential portions later. Shortly after the bike turn around at a septic treatment plant, we were greeted with enthusiastic volunteers holding out gatorade. Water bottle handoffs are a luxury at this distance and were greatly appreciated. After contending with the deceptively tough bike course the team started to settle into its groove. At least the run course is flat right? Well, the first 2 miles or so were on the Canal walk by the James and had almost no elevation change until the bridge. After the bridge we were faced with uphill then downhill then uphill then flat then steep downhill then a turnaround then everything backwards. Grrrr, so much for a fast run course.

The bike and run slowed us down a little bit but we persevered and finished strong. The State team only brought 4 men and 4 women, so the performance of every member was vital and no one let us down. Zack crushed his first ever triathlon; only learning about it four days in advance. Anne got to take her sweet new tri-bike to the limits. We finally got to race with Chris, our new friend from the other side of the globe.

See you guys at Conference Championships in a few weeks!