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An introduction from our new coach, Brooks Doughtie!

posted Apr 15, 2012, 9:24 PM by
 Hey guys,
So I wanted to give a little intro about myself, talk about some things I'd like to do to help with the NCSU tri club, and kinda go over some ideas.
First off, I'm Brooks Doughtie, a Level 1 USAT certified coach.  I live here in Raleigh, after bouncing around in a bunch of places over the past 8 years.  I graduated from NC State in 2004, with a degree in Marine Science (college of PAMS).  I've been coaching triathletes since 2008, having coached various athletes both juniors and AG's along with assisting several current ITU athletes.  I'm a F.I.S.T. certified bike fitter, level 2 USAC cycling coach, and have CPR/First Aid certifications.  I currently coach for Vanguard Triathlon, who's directed by Level 3 USAT coach, Justin Trolle, out of Colorado Springs.  Working with him has allowed me to really improve and learn alot while bringing a world class training program to athletes.  My philosophy is to help athletes achieve athlete success whether it's simply to improve fitness, improve in their age group, or compete at the highest of levels.  I think the most important aspect of coaching is communication between athlete and coach.  I want my athletes to feel like they can understand every workout, but can also come to me and let them know how they are feeling.  The greatest thing for success, is when you the athlete can tell me how training is going.  I base alot of workouts on the results you do in training, and therefore, really like feedback.  Whether the workouts are too hard/easy, maxed out with homework, finals, etc.
So, what I'd like to do with the club?  Well, frankly I want to make you guys a top 10 program.  I want to build a program that is inviting to both the top end athletes, but also the athletes that are just there for fun and a way to blow off some steam.  So, don't ever feel afraid of coming to a practice or event associated with NCSU triathlon.  I'm here for the team, and I want everyone to know that they are going to get a great experience from this.  I'd like to do 2-3 "coached" workouts each week, focusing on some high intensity work.  That is where we are going to get better as a team, and I'd love it if as many people as possible can show up.  The more participation we have, the more you guys are going to push each other to get better. I'd like to sit down with each person in the club over the next few months (or in fall semester), and kinda see what each of you has for personal goals with the club. I'd  I'd like to work on some sponsors to help get yall more funding so that potentially more people can race. 
So this is an exciting time for NCSU triathlon.  Nationals is coming up and then I know some are racing the FS race on Cent. campus.  I'm planning on putting a social together sometime right after finals, so that we can all have 1 last party for the outgoing team members, but also to get some team commaradie going as well. 
I look forward to meeting all of you and working with the team. 
Also, please just call me Brooks!

Brooks Doughtie