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Triathlon Club Constitution


North Carolina State University

University Recreation – NC State Triathlon Club

September 7, 2011


Triathlon Club


Article I. Name

Section 1.         The name of this organization shall be the Triathlon Club at North Carolina State University.


Article II. Purpose

            Section 1.         The purpose of this organization will be:


A.     To promote the various skills and techniques of triathlon competition and training.

B.     To provide a place for triathletes at North Carolina State University to meet, communicate, and practice with other triathletes.


Article III. Membership

Section 1.         The membership of this organization will be limited to students, faculty, and staff of North Carolina State University who have an interest in the sport of triathlon and are in good standing with the University.

Section 2.         All individuals must comply with the university requirements as well as the club sports program requirements concerning health insurance, physical examinations, and Risks, Hazards, and Physical Stresses Forms.

Section 3          All members must abide by this constitution and university rules which apply to campus organizations.

Section 4          All members must conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to the Triathlon Club, the intramural-recreational sports office, and North Carolina State University.



Article IV  Officers

            Section 1.        

Section 2.         The officers of the organization shall be chosen from and by the active members of the club.

Section 3.         Election of the officers shall take place in February, to ensure they are trained prior to the taking office on May 1.

Article V Duties of Officers

            Section 1.         The President will:

A.     Preside at all club meetings.

B.     Appoint committees for reason deemed by him.

C.     Represent the club at official functions.

D.     Enforce all provisions of this constitution.

E.      Be responsible for submitting a club roster to the intramural-recreational sports office and keeping it updated.

F.      Be responsible for reporting to the Club Sports Coordinator in the intramural-recreational sports office during the first two weeks of school.

G.     Be responsible for submitting medical, health insurance, and release and assumption of risk forms to the intramural-recreational sports office.

H.     Be responsible for representing the club at club sports functions.

I.        Be responsible for complying with the presidential job responsibilities identified in the Club Sports Handbook.

J.       Submit a statement of all club funds, including savings and checking accounts, at the end of the semester.


Section 2.         The Vice-President will:

A.     Preside at all club meetings which the president is unable to attend.

B.     To account for all non-monetary possessions and equipment of the club.

C.     Be responsible for all club publicity.

D.     Assist the president in fulfillment of duties and responsibilities whenever necessary.


Section 3.         The Historian will:

A.     Be responsible for event picture taking and developing photos.

B.     Keeping a running photo album and the upkeep of the album.


Section 4.         The Secretary/Treasurer will:

A.     Preside at all club meetings which the president and vice-president cannot attend.

B.     Keep records of all meetings.

C.     Inform all members of club functions.

D.     Maintain an accurate roster of club members.

E.      Assist the President in budget preparation.

F.      To keep accurate records of all accounts and collect dues.

G.     Be responsible for all approved purchases.


Article VI. Faculty Advisor


Section 1          The club advisor will be a member of the faculty or staff of North Carolina State University and will be selected by the members of the club.

Section 2.         The advisor will:

A.     Attend a minimum of three business meetings of the club (preferably the first business meetings of the fall and spring semesters and the last meeting of the spring semester).

B.     Approve all club functions.

C.     Accompany the club on outings whenever possible.

D.     Serve as an information source for providing guidance.

E.      Advise the club in making its yearly budget.



Article VII        Activities


Section 1          Club activities will include practices, fundraising events, USAT races, and intercollegiate races.

Section 2.         There will be a minimum of two business meetings per semester.

Section 3.         All club activities are subject to the approval of the club sports coordinator.


Article VIII  Elections


Section 1.         The officers shall be elected by a majority vote of at least one half of the total membership.

Section 2.         The officers will serve for two semesters with new officers being elected during the month of February.

Section 3.         Officers may be removed from office by a majority at least two-thirds of the total membership, providing all members have been notified of the impeachment process.

Section 4.         Officers may succeed themselves as long as the members of the club elect them.


Article IV    Dues

Section 1          Dues will be determined by the club membership and passed by a majority vote of at least one half of the total membership and approved by the club sports coordinator.



Article X Amendments to the Constitution


Section 1          The constitution can be amended by a majority vote of at least one half of the total membership.

Section 2          All amendments will be in accordance with university policy and subject to the approval of the club sports coordinator.


Article XI    By-Laws


Section 1.         Policies and procedures will be approved by a majority vote of at least half of the total membership.

Section 2.         A member exhibiting unsportsmanlike conducts may be voted out of the club by a majority vote of at least one half of the total membership and approved by the faculty advisor and the club sports coordinator.

Section 3.         The constitution will be updated each year no later than October 15.

Section 4.         Should the Triathlon Club become inactive or disband and a new triathlon club has not been formed within a period  of one year, all property of the club shall become the property of the intramural-recreational sports office.

Section 5          All club activities must be in compliance with the guidelines of the club sports program of the intramural-recreational sports office.

Section 6          Discrimination based upon race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation is in violation of federal and state law and North Carolina State University policy, and will not be tolerated.




Article XII     Policies


Policy 1. Reimbursement Policy.

Date of Vote January 31, 2006

Eligibility for reimbursement:

A member shall be eligible for reimbursement if:

  • He/she as participated in the designated volunteer effort for that semester.
  • He/she as participated in a fundraising event for that semester.
  • He/she has raced under the club’s name or in a club uniform.


Process for Reimbursement:

1. Payment is made for an entry fee and proper receipts are obtained from the vendor.


2. Copies of the proper receipts are submitted to the Treasurer, 1 week prior to the event.


3. The club officers will be responsible for turning in the proper paperwork to the club sports office prior to that event. (Trip Itinerary and Travel roster).


4. Near the end of the semester, reimbursement requests will be evaluated by the officers, to ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements and have the associated paperwork has been completed for that event.

Taking into account the processing time that the university requires, I recommend that this be done during the school year in November and early April.

Summer events will be at the discretion of the officers, base on the spring performance of the member. 



Taking into account the previous lack of income flowing into the Club, I recommend that the reimbursement standard be set at 50% of the entry fee.


What are proper receipts?

Proper receipts display proof that a full payment was made covering the cost of a particular item.  Receipts should be itemized, clear and legible as to the item(s) purchased & include an official certification that full payment was made.  If a receipt is not itemized a bank statement or credit card statement may be required as proof of purchase to complete the proper paperwork.