Team Information

The NC State Triathlon Club, which is affiliated with USA Triathlon and the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MACTC), aims to promote the sport of triathlon with NC State students while providing a supporting network of people for training and racing triathlons. The club provides resources and coaching for a wide variety of athletes. 

Many members join before they have ever completed a triathlon and others are season veterans that have completed ironman distance races. The main goal of the club is to have fun while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Club practices are held throughout the week in each of the three sports. The club competes in individual races in the Setup Event Series and FS Series races in North Carolina and numerous out of state triathlons including Collegiate Nationals.

If you are interested in joining the club email the club at  Club dues are $65 for a year and $35 for a semester.  Joining the club gives you access to the email list serve, group workouts, sponsorship discounts, and professional instruction from USAT Coach Brooks Doughtie.

Michael Lindler
I'm a Senior in Chemical Engineering and Spanish. I did my first triathlon in 2010, and have been addicted ever since. This year should be a big one for the NC State Triathlon Club, and I look forward to heading out to Tempe Arizona again for Collegiate Nationals. Shoot me an email with any questions you might have about the club at

Vice President
Ben Rachunok 

Junior in industrial engineering, and the official most awesome person in history. I’m from Wilmington, NC and have been doing triathlons in some fashion since I was 10 or 11. I love training for/competing in/preparing for/talking about triathlons more then just about anything. Favorite race: Kure Beach for sure!  Outside of triathlons I enjoy wasting time on the internet and eating copious amounts of carbohydrates.

Safety Officer
Charlie Lambrecht

I am a junior in economics, and I competed in my first triathlon last year at the Wilmington YMCA race. I got involved with triathlon by spontaneously signing up for the Triathlon PE class, and after meeting some of the awesome people in the Tri Club I was hooked. Attending Nationals last year as a freshman was probably my favorite weekend of all time.

Ryan Bumgardner

I'm a junior in Aerospace Engineering, minoring in Economics because I find it fun. This is only my second year doing triathlons; my first race was the 2011 Wilmington YMCA (great first race).  Besides triathlons I enjoy shagging, hammocking, and of course watching sports.

Anne Pursifull
I am a sophomore majoring in nutrition! I did my first triathlon last year (Wilmington) and have done other sprints and olympic distance races since then. Besides triathlon related activities, I love eating peanut butter and sending ridiculous emails to the tri club filled with corgis and other cute pics. Join our email list by emailing! @WillRun4PB

Social Chairs
Julianna Falzon

Ethan Fritch

Website Manager
Mark Pietryka

I am a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. I come from a running background and first got into triathlons my freshman year at state. I have really enjoyed it thus far and can't wait to improve my fitness and the team. I expect great things for the 2014 season. 

Brooks Doughtie

Where We Practice and Race
Mostly on North Carolina State University's campus
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North Carolina State University